Monday, October 19, 2015

I admit I'm a Scatterbrain...

And I decided to do something about that. During the summer here in Vermont, there are several completely different things going on that I have been blogging about, mainly the fact that I decided to become a blogger in the first place. It was either think of something to do or feel simultaneously  worthless and hopeless at the same time.

I had put off applying for Physical Disability because I really love to work and make money but finally gave in and applied. In fact tomorrow I will be getting the on the phone interview which my husband will speak for me for it's nothing for my eyes to glaze over and stare out the window while it sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher talking. Blah blah blah huh?

Okay, so that's one thing. Then my son announces he and his beautiful wife want a baby. I'm going to be a new grandma, hence, Grandma Rose was born. 8 months later he's here. First of all where did 8 months go and your early you little bugger? Welcome to the world! I get the same reaction from other grandma's when I tell them I'm a new first-time grandma ( faces lite up) but they live in Florida (faces frown...awwww)

Then there was the one week stay in Florida compliments of my son and his wife with all that comes with air travel.

Next my husband has to have surgery again, this Friday, which the healing from his first surgery is going fine, at least that's what the nurses say leaving me to do the bandage changing which, believe me, I don't mind but want to tell them that's why you're getting the big bucks. I now have another skill. This Friday will be another surgery to graft skin from his inner thighs. He shall be all set for a while.

I'm also still  tweaking my blog putting up the picture of a baby sleeping in a red rose which I think fits perfectly, but I still need to study and learn more of course. So I decided to follow +Jeremy Crow at The Whacko Blog going to his archives and starting from the beginning because I am after his blogging tips. So now I am once more at least as far as blogging is concerned, focused once again. 
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