Thursday, September 24, 2015

HiHo HiHo Its off to the hospital I go...

Tomorrow is a long-awaited day of surgery. Hidradenitis is a god awful disease which my husband has suffered from for many years.

He has already has had more surgeries than we care to remember to which the infected area will be cut out.

So here we go again with the "no food after midnight" which normally who eats after midnight but not being able to makes you hungry. So 15 minutes to midnight you eat a huge meal...weird but true.

Then the "nothing but clear fluids" and we already have a can of concentrated apple juice thawing on the counter. That's when out of nowhere you want anything but clear liquids.

The "no smoking" rule which he can crow excitingly haha already quit six months now. That's one rule out of the way.

There's the "no aspirin" which in my husband's case he takes one a day to avoid a heart attack so we stay quite calm for 2 weeks. Yoga anyone?

"No coffee" the morning of surgery which I personally hate and I myself was actually sent home  once because I had drunk some coffee the morning of my own surgery without thinking. Had to do the prep all over again which sucked.

And we all know that after we wake up from surgery and are given ice chips and we all know how good those ice chips are, we are starving and want food and hopefully we get anything but jello.

I wish he didn't have to go through all this and I'm not looking forward to spending the day at the hospital but its my wifely duty and I will be right there by his side when he wakes up.
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