Monday, August 3, 2015

Let Me Introduce You

I sat here gazing out the window figuring out what I wanted to blog about.  I had woken up kinda weird my emotions doing this rollercoaster deal with my husband fending off my bouts of indignations like a well-trained ninja. He finally made me laugh is which I needed. Being a woman is never easy they say.

So I decided to tell the story of how we met and introduce you to my husband. Please meet Charles Rose. Goes by Chuck. And here is the story of how I met my Chuck.

I had finally broken up once and for all with the evil entity that was so fond of his drink and was exhausted. Having your energy drained over and over again will do that. He was like a wet booger you can't flick away no matter how many times you tried...I hope you had lunch!

Two years had peacefully gone by; I was still working on-line for Astrobingo and I decided 2 years was enough of being single. After all, we all aren't getting any younger eh.

So I go to Yahoo Personals. I had done those dating sites and interestingly enough got to meet some really neat people. One man I'm friends with to this day. But I wanted more instant results. When I make up my mind about something it's always been full steam ahead.

So I'm browsing the profiles; for awhile now; and come up to Chuck's yahoo profile picture, which was a little bit blurry. But something was drawing me in as I read his profile and I liked he was wearing a hat.

So, taking a deep breath, I contact him on Yahoo messenger. We started chatting and I was impressed he didn't tell me the size of his penis or ask me how big my boobs were. So we continued to chat.

We both had been to hell and back in our previous relationships and took our time getting to know each other. When I found out he lived only three blocks away that blew my mind! 

He's attainable!!!

The end of summer came, Tysen was coming home from his Dad's in Florida and school shopping was all happening in the usual blur of the end of summer sales and  clothes shopping.

So we arrange a meeting; I get ready and wait.

A few minutes later I hear a knock on my front door; open it and look into a pair of dark blue eyes that are shaped like mine and the kindest smile I had ever seen. 

That sealed the deal...I was in love.

All together living as partners and as man & wife we have been going strong for about 10 years now. Moved to Vermont which is where his family is from and it's a gorgeous state.

You should visit.