Sunday, August 2, 2015

Happy August

The month ending of summer. Wet, sticky, humid heat. Thunderclouds & thunderstorms. For me, my first grandchild due September. And...

School shopping.

Parents and little children clogging up Walmart's aisles. I have been the shoppe, the shopper, and the clerk during Back to School days of sales and its safe to say...

I'm so glad to be on the outside looking in.

It was fun while it lasted having the print out of school supplies you got from somewhere...and checking off each item getting closer and closer to the end.

The kids were older now and in higher grades not needing mummy around as much. Sad days for me ~aw~ So I decided on another type of volunteering and applied at the Goodall Hospital.

They gratefully accepted me and put me in the E.R. Needless to say I was never bored and found I could look up anyone I knew through their filing system.

So I ran the E.R. desk, helped with patients and their paperwork. I ran blood samples up to the blood lab. I once was in the elevator leaving the blood lab and this poor elderly man got in. He was so sad. Found out his wife had died so I consoled him a little.

I'm glad he was put in my path.

If you are working near lunch hour, you can have a free lunch which I just loved being an advocate for all things free. The salads were delicious.

I worked at the Goodall for the months of summer. Going home, I would find a flower on my dashboard of my car.

I had a suitor...

Come to find out my suitor was my co-worker's/friend's ex-boyfriend complete with all the horror stories someone tells you after a fresh break-up so I had my danger red flags all lined up in a little row.

We stayed friends...all three of us.

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