Friday, July 31, 2015

Emerson Elementry School

Emerson School
Emerson Elementary School.
Do you want to know the best thing about volunteering? No work politics and they treat you really nice. 

My job was in the office filing and copying. I got to know the teachers one by one. Of course, I had my favorites.

I would go outside to look after the kids at their recess. I even tried out some of the rides & swings on the  playground myself. Someone has to be sure it's all working correctly.

Of course, I volunteered at Ariel & Tysen's classrooms. All those little kids were so much fun. I really liked one on one reading time.

What was really neat when I was shopping over to Walmart for school supplies for the kids, other little kids would shout, "That's Ariel's or Tysen's mom." Great way to get involved in your community.

I promote volunteering. No matter who's life you touch either  human or animal. it will impact both of your lives.
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