Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Excuse Me My Pictures Have Seemed To Disappear.

Just to let everyone know, I'm going to be replacing my pictures so ignore the loud banging of construction. It's going to be done a little at a time so please try and bear with me. 

The lesson for the day, be sure to check your blog daily to make sure everything is still  the way you left it.

I vaguely remember deleting some pictures, not from my posts but on Picasa so now I will be very careful about what I delete from here on. I didn't realize everywhere was connected with Google.

This is what I asked after going to Blogger help: Pictures have disappeared from my blog, 
replaced with a gray minus sign.

This is what they asked:
Please answer all 8 Questions.

NOTE: All photos that you upload via blogger are stored in Picasa

1) Have you made any changes to Picasa Settings/Permissions?
2) Did you upload the photos yourself or did someone else upload them?
3) When was the last time that the images displayed correctly?
4) Did you remove them from Picasa?
5) Have you made any changes to any of your Google/Blogger accounts? 
6) Have you used/removed them from Google+ 
7) If you go to your Picasa Albums ( Do you see the photos?
8) Have your deleted them from your Phone/Tablet?

Removing images from any of these will result in the Blog Images being deleted. You can try to ask in the Picasa Forum to see if they have an "Undelete" feature but last time I checked they did not.

You can access the Picasa Forums here!forum/picasa
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