Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Family Is Everything

Bud & Michelle Rose
I have been up for a couple of hours now puttering around the kitchen revisiting my in-law's visit from memory this morning which seems such a long time ago.

I was laying on our bed with my headphones on watching my now all new favorite show, Doctor Who, and I hear the phone ring. A minute later Chuck comes in the room and lets me know his brother Bud and family are stopping by...hurray...then oh crap...I'm still in my nightgown.

I'm so excited yet very groggy having stayed up all night...thanks, insomnia, that thinking about it later I had even forgotten to bring my own camera down to take pictures.

But that's part of my disability and I have stopped wondering why and how the hell I could do whatever it is that I did or didn't do. I consoled myself with I'll just wait for pictures that other family members took and it will be fine.

It was a very nice and the word that comes to mind is warm.

Hannah & Dillon 
We talked like we had known each other forever. Again...thanks facebook and stories told from mom and Chuck.

So I got dressed, rummaged around until I found my "good bra" I mean after all, first family hugs I wanted to keep these girls in check; pulled my hair back and waited.

What I especially liked was the connection of the Rose name. For once everyone had the same name.

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