Monday, July 6, 2015

Come With Me To Walmart #FixThePlus *

Walmart shopping. Me, Chuck, Mother Bonnie and Jack went to New Hampshire's Walmart.

It was the same feeling as driving up to Disneyland it had been so long since the last visit! Isn't that sad.

We order a lot through the mail you see which I really like since neither one of us can stand for a long time.

I even befriended this young pregnant woman who is due this month!
Told her about my daughter-In-Law who is due in September and wished her happiness.

Chuck got his new shoes and a package of black t- shirts which I'm going to practice my new found craft, Shibori.

I got some royal blue Rid dye for my shockingly white cotton dress and will show both off when I'm done.

And last but not least new nose rings. I'm telling you.

Having a nose ring is bad as having earrings as far as the keeping them in their holes!

I got more supplies for green smoothies which I will start freezing tomorrow.

I almost forgot...Jack bought me a new purse which I absolutely love.

The zipper on my $4.oo Salvation Army purse is starting to act up so when I got to my seat I saw the purse and Jack is saying,

"Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas" which cracked me right up.

Thanks Jack for being so thoughtful!

All in all a fantastic day! Where do you like to shop?

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