Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Chronic Pain Management Class Is A Good Thing #FixThePlus *

Looks like maybe the sun will come out but 
either way, I don't care. Got the electric bill
 paid so we will be able to see another month! 

Cable is next!

I cleaned out my kitchen sink yesterday with baking soda and vinegar. Now my sink is all nice and fresh.

My mom-in-law is coming over to give me a ride so it will be nice to get out once again although all this extra activity that I used to 

breeze through now leaves me all tired out now but oh well!
Tomorrow is my Chronic Pain Management Class then one more after that. Six classes total in all. We are such an interesting group. You have Robert. Talks almost non-stop but will do anything for you.
 Sam...who is a gay man and I love gay men...he's fun to talk too. 

Donna...she is breaking in a back brace that looks like a torture device. Teresa...shes a little cutie and tells me she loves my attitude. Linda...who is almost confined to a wheelchair,Chuck, my husband of course and our fearless leaders, Betsy and Pam who are characters all their own!

It's a nice group and we all sit after for a free lunch at the hospital. I'm getting my fill of crab salad sandwiches! Donna wants to continue meeting so we can reap benefits from each other.

Oh yeah...after the meeting we are going to see Lew. I love that spelling of his name. He's going to help us with low-income housing and I can't wait!

How do you deal with your aches and pain?
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