Monday, July 6, 2015

The Woes Of a Small Shower #FixThePlus *

I find this funny and wanna share:  

Now I love a good hot shower like the next person but our shower has a personality all its own.

First off my husband and I live in an efficiently apt. which seemed like a palace after being put up in our in-law's tiny trailer, which we were very grateful for, didn't have a working shower or bathroom for that matter so we defiantly were moving up.

Since we have moved in almost three years ago come this April of 2015 either we got larger or the shower shrunk. I prefer the latter.

I say this because there is a ritual to taking a shower here. It's a very chilly bathroom so you open the shower door to this large squeaky noise and turn on the shower to hot. Then always if not every time the shower door has to be adjusted making more squeaking noises. Sometimes the husband had to be called in to help do this.

You very carefully step in sideways trying to remember to shield your breast or the very cold edge of the metal will molest you getting in.

Shaving is a defiant challenge for bending over constitutes either banging your head on the shower wall in front of you or getting goosed from behind on the cold shower wall behind you.

When you are all showered up and ready to get out again shielding your other breast so the metal shower wall doesn't rip it from your body your home free and clean!

Mental Note: Next place will have a large bathroom. It will be so big you will have to follow painted arrows to find the tub!

Do you have a tiny shower too?
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