Monday, July 6, 2015

Green Smoothies #FixThePlus *

I love to try new things and experiment. One of my newest loves is Green Smoothies. 

They are so good going down. The only problem is since I had by-pass years ago my pouch is very temperamental and basically rules my system.

 The best thing about it despite the green color which is the vegetables, it tastes like whatever fruit you put in it.

Since when you have had a bypass you don't get all the proteins your supposed to eat I'm  despite my best efforts; not a fruit and vegetable eater on a constant basis. This way I get both!

Problem #2. Drinking it so fast I get brain freeze and feel sick having to lay down until it passes. I think that is defeating the whole tasty Smoothie experience.

I have a new Yogurt I'm enjoying now. It's Greek Honey and absolutely delish but the same problem as the Smoothie...I have a point I swear!

So I came up with the bright idea of spooning spoonfuls of yogurt into a plastic ice cube try and presto.

I have little frozen "clouds" my husband calls them. I empty the tray into a plastic bag and pop them in my mouth happy as a clam.

Finally...the point. 
I made a blender full of Green Smoothie and poured it into my ice cube tray. I'm waiting for it to freeze and then I will try them out. 

I will let you know later what I find out. Then I will make a post about the recipe .

What do you eat or drink to stay healthy?
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