Monday, July 6, 2015

Being A Sagittarius #FixThePlus *

 Looking back at my life I am amazed that I'm still here. I have read that being a Sagittarius; Jupiter pays special attention to his Sagittarius children protecting them from themselves. Kinda reminds me of a small child falling down and daddy dusting you off sending you on your way.

 Then there is your Guardian Angel beaming down on you protectively. You can find out what your Spirit Animal is which mine is a Skunk. I found this out in a dream I had one night. All through it was skunks everywhere and when I went to look up the meaning I was well satisfied. The meaning was so like me I was so impressed. No one likes messing with a skunk!

Okay, you can joke now:)

 Then there is the theory that God's not done with me yet and I have many more lives to touch and more people to touch mine.

 I am Spiritual and am very sensitive to other people's emotions and have learned to protect myself from being overwhelmed by negative behavior.

I believe in Karma and Past Lives. I love Magic and the Mystic.
 I have had a ton of fun so far it hasn't been boring.

We will see if anyone can relate to my story and if you can't that's fine too. Just remember, its all in how you handle it.

What's your sign?

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