Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I love St. Johnsbury In All It's Seasons #FixThePlus *

The last couple of days has been pretty busy compared to the rest of the time when it is not. Which must be because its summer time. I think we have had two whole days of full sunshine, but I'm telling you, I love when it rains! I would have been so happy on Noah's Ark, but I would of needed something to hang on to as I went floating by. What an imagination I got but I love it.

Okay, I'm back.

There was the trip to the Doctor day before yesterday where I am now waiting for a biopsy test results. I didn't realize they take so much skin and now it stings ~wah~ But I showed it to Mummy and Daddy and they made it all better. Its still stings shhh shhh. I'll be glad to find out what in the world it is finally.

Then today I sent off my daughter's birthday card with her present in it thanks to my wonderful In-Laws who brought me up to the Post Office where I got to meet a new postal worker. He was fun in a wacky kind of way.

She is turning twenty-five on the 25th, I love that and I don't get to send things out very often but ever since we stopped smoking we got a little extra money. I'm not going to say what it is in case she reads this post neener neener Ariel!

Then I went to Family Dollar and bought a few things and then returned home.

Again it's cloudy but I can hear the kids playing softball behind where I live. There is the River then the huge park where a baseball field is. Vermont is very pretty. It's like camping all the time.

Now I hear the neighbor's Harley. I'm in heaven.
My husband's brother and family are going to be visiting from Florida by the 14th of this month and I will be meeting them for the first time which should be fun. 

Are you looking forward to summer?
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