Monday, July 13, 2015

Spinal Meningitis #FixThePlus *

I just got done reading that my new blogger friend, Salty Bug is in the hospital. I was instantly alert thinking to myself, I just met this woman. Oh no! Her story reminded me of my story of a long stay in the hospital and separation for the very first time with my kids. I had contracted spinal meningitis. Here is my story.

I had moved around the corner to another apartment being convinced that moving there would be this life-changing miracle by the women living there. Life changing yes, miracle, also yes, that I was alive that is. 
It must have been summer since I had both my kids and they were both little. 

Ariel was four and Tysen was eight. They were running around the apartment playing while I was laying on my couch feeling tired. Out of the blue came this stabbing pain in my spine causing me to arch my back. What the heck was that I thought to myself as the pain ebbed and stopped. 

Now I was fortunate that I had friends who would stop by to say hello or whatever and one woman I had met at the local food kitchen knocked on the door to which I hollered come in! 

The pain in my back was acting like labor pains by now so I asked her if she 

could get me some extra strength Tylenol. She said sure so I gave her some money and off she went. By now the pain was traveling up my spine. It felt like a spear was stabbing me in my back so when she got back, I quickly gulped down three pills hollering as another pain shot through my spine. 

By now I was wearing out and had no other thoughts in my head except how to stop this pain so my friend asked if I wanted  my daughter's father to stop in to check on me, to which I whispered if he wants to and headed for my bedroom to lay down telling the kids to play until mommy gets better.

As I lay down this horrible migraine starts up, I'm holding my head and my friend Mike comes in, looks at me and asks are you okay to which I replied yeah like a dummy. So he left saying he would be back later.
I lay back down, roll on my side and promptly power puke over the side of the bed. Then everything went black...

Three days later I woke up. I had been in a coma. That was the weirdest feeling I had ever had the loss of time. Not knowing exactly why I started pulling out all the tubes that were stuck into me hollering where the hell my kids were and ended up being tied down by the nurses so I wouldn't hurt myself.

Finally, I calm down and remember as I was coming to it had felt like I was in a soft glow light bulb with sparks everywhere and coming back to consciousness was like bursting up out of the water.

Ten days I was in that hospital. St. Marys Hospital in Maine saved my life. Ten days of missing my children desperately and knowing how frightened my little daughter was and every day we would talk on the phone I would hang up crying. Tysen had gone with his father so Ariel was left with a friend that I trusted, but she missed me. 

I think that was the hardest time of my life, staying in that hospital for as long as I did. But we all survived. I survived only I ended up with long and short term memory loss which I had no idea until I was sent to Dartmouth Hospital in New Hampshire.

All in all, we were all reunited and never again have I had to go so long in a hospital again.

Have you ever shared something traumatic in your life to help another?
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