Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How To Make Simple As Doing Dishes #FixThePlus *

I was doing dishes. That's when I do my best musings. I'm eyeing the dish drainer wondering for the millionth time how does a dish drainer get  so dirty from clean dishes and water?

I was doing dishes as fast as I could before my back pain settled in.
Wash wash wash...rinse rinse rinse.
I'm almost at the end of the dishes. All I have left to do are the silverware which to me is a pain in my tush.

Usually, I throw them in the dish drainer willy nilly and forget about dishes having to rush to my seat with the back pain monster right behind me but not today! Today I have a plan!

            I'll make a silverware holder.

Now that little invisible voice who loves to "voice" her opinion in my head speaks up trying to shame me by asking, "why now stupid,you've lived here three years" to which I reply, "don't judge me voice".

An idea was forming in my head. I watch a lot of YouTube projects and read about homemade projects that you don't have to spend money on so I think to myself, I got a 2-liter bottle of Root beer in the fridge! Yes, I love love love recycling.

I take out the bottle and notice I have to drink the rest of the Root beer before I can use the bottle so ~gulp gulp gulp~yes I know, I could have poured it down the drain but I'm cheap and besides...its Root beer.

Argggg brain freeze I think to myself, but the bottle is almost empty. A couple more gulps and its done. After a nice rinse, I can now begin.
The first "silverware drainer" I made I did it with the hole down. 

For the drainage. That wasn't a very good idea because straws, knifes and anything narrow enough to stick through would fall out. Hmmmmmm.
So one day I finally had enough and proudly threw away my homemade silverware drainer. Proud because I had made it and prouder I actually threw something away I'm such a hoarder.

Project #2 is now starting to form in my mind as what I consider an ingenious mind for all things homemade and crafty, I go downstairs and dig through the big black plastic bag full of returnables for another plastic 2-liter bottle. I find one, I'm on a roll now and return back upstairs and promptly find my scissors. 

I cut off half the bottle like a pro stabbing the bottom for drainage and there it will sit until it gets dirty although I'm resigned to never knowing why or how that happens, until I need a new one. 

What do you do to save money?

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