Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pay Attention To The Little Stuff #FixThePlus #FollowFridays*

Just when I thought it was just another uneventful day I came across a sign up for Twitter link. Thinking to myself, “This must be fate” because I had been thinking about doing just that but putting it off, I did it. 

Another day, another challenge; okay I'm game. So now I have a fairly decent Twitter account which I'll be tweaking as I go along...maybe.

I'm 56 years old now and figure better late than never and somethings got to keep me busy and out of trouble. I mean I didn't get a computer until my son was in High School or a debit card until I was in my 30's. Late bloomer for all things what I classified as technical ~ew~ 

But when I made that decision to embrace the unknown (I know too many Star Trek movies) I ended up making the best of friends on the internet and as far as the debit card and lots of overdraft charges later, I should have cut that bad card up! Had it to be the cards fault right? But that’s life, sometimes good, sometimes oh my gosh what have I done!

Then I decide to check my g-mail account since I was using that to find friends on Twitter and note to self: Check g-mail every day for there were 94 messages. Some or rather mostly were from blogging accounts and now a burst of Twitter emails have swamped in ~crap~ Next move will be to weed out unwanted emails. I'm thinking I want to stay busy but this is crazy! But at least I know I'm connecting correctly.

So I start mass deleting thinking I will come in once or twice a day just have to get it under control now scanning the emails for anything or anyone familiar and come across a comment from +Salty Bug. My first real comment! Not counting the one I had my husband do so I could see what it looked like. She was honest and fair and I thank her for I have veered off into an unknown adventure this world known as blogging and I feel I have made a friend.

What has blogging done for you?
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