Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Split Jaw

Some of my posts will be a bit more serious but sprinkled with my particular brand of humor. If you have been reading my blog's earlier posts you will have noticed. 

Some of this is hard to want to remember but actually it's great therapy telling the story of my life and its a hell of a lot safer than trying to help or change someone in the flesh. Or thinking, "oh hell no, that wouldn't happen to me." Wrong-o. 

If you have been warned by family, friend or read it in the newspaper it won't make a difference who you are. My saving grace was I was fast and could run like the wind. The fight or flight was well-known to me. I did both.

If you haven't figured it out yet I'm talking about relationships. It can be a man or a woman who is in a domestic violent relationship. Since I am the woman, it will be past relationships I will be talking about, minus some of the names.

I went over my neck almost being broken. I'm just going to go down the line of my body...the neck bone is connected to collar bone...everyone sing... Sorry about that but if I wasn't crazy and a tad weird I probably  would be in a looney bin right now.

I love that cartoon song, "We're tiny We're toony were all a little looney." In fact, I had a yahoo account named DizzyDevil_4u. 

Anyways, back to serious. One day after coming home from work I came into my apartment. No one was there. As I'm going through the kitchen I hear a noise outside. Loud noise; loud talking; loud music. 

I go out to the back balcony and I see a van with some people in it drunk and having a grand time. Then what to my wondering eyes did I see? Wasn't anything to do with Christmas, more like hell for I saw ~Red~. My so-called boyfriend was without going into great detail, acting very inappropriate to one of the females in the van.

Looking back I wish I could have hung on to my temper but that was "before Zolaf" which I call B.Z. But I didn't and blew a cork. Needless to say, I was knocked down flat and hit my chin resulting in a cracked jaw. Funny how that turned out and surprisingly embarrassing.

After a few days of not being able to eat I went to the Doctor's where I found out I had a broken jaw and to this day the first chew of food sends radiating pain through my jaw.

What I'm trying to help others with is don't let it get that far. Don't be a human punching bag. Because when I finally got a grip I found that life went on perfectly well without this person in my life.

Here is a super nice site that tells it like it is.


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