Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Keep Busy

Today I went to see my friend and counselor, Susan. The town is working on the bridge off of Elm Street in St.Johnsbury so Bill, my ride, had to take the longer way around to get to my destination. 

Which turned out okay for it gave him more time to dwell on his tale of woe about his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years. I didn't and don't mind listening and sometimes that's all a person needs.

So I get there and this cancerous old man is being a little bitchy about having to fill out paperwork and the little receptionist must of been having a hard morning for she looked a little sad when I came to her window.

So I made a face and rolled my eyes which sent her into peals of laughter. I felt good cheering her up.

Now I have had some trouble getting used to having to stay at home and not interacting like I'm used to with the outside world. It would make me either moody, mad, or sad. I wasn't used to having a problem that I couldn't fix.

Knowing this Susan brought up volunteering which I have done before. I thought that was out of my reach because of my ride situation. But she gave me a ray of hope with an idea. So I have been researching and came up with this.So we will see where this leads us.

I have already volunteered at 3 places in Sanford, Maine and really enjoyed it.
From top to bottom.

  • Head Start- Sanford, Maine
  • Emerson Elementry School- Sanford, Maine
  • Goodall Hospital- Sanford, Maine

  •  I will tell the story for each in my next posts. xx

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