Monday, July 27, 2015

First Grandchild

1. I just got done adding to my book Grandma Rose's Adventures for Barret...check. 

2. I went through my blog emails...check.

3. I took a couple of pictures for a future post...check.
As I stop to ponder what next glancing up at my calendar thinking okay it's still July...barely. September will be "baby Barret month" when life as we know it will change. A wonderful change as anyone who has had children already know.

Earlier like last month or the beginning of this month I "nicked" a picture of Barret's sonogram off of my timeline on facebook so I could make a post about said picture.

So here it is.

Let me introduce you to Barret Couture.

Barrett Couture
I'll know his middle name later on...both kids are working and I have to wait not liking to wait am posting this anyways.

If you are as crazy as I am you understood that. If your not...sorry!

It's crazy how clear this picture is and how I fell in love with the little guy already.

My son Tysen will be bringing me out come September which I go back and forth about them spending that much money on a plane ticket but what can you do?

After that its gonna be a whole lot of skyping and pictures. Not exactly how I wanted to see my grandchild grow up, but it is what it is.

From Vermont to Florida there is already a strong bond of love with one more little person added to the mix.
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