Saturday, July 11, 2015

How To Deal With A Senior Moment #FixThePlus *

If you read yesterday's post you will of remembered my post about lost stuff and where does it go?

Totally baffled I was.

And spent about 20 mins. looking around poking into where ever I thought I may have put these brightly colored plastic popsicle sticks!

Even asked my husband...

Sooooo this morning as I'm waking up I'm seeing in my mind's eye the bag of homemade smoothie cycles with all those shiny brightly colored sticks stuck in them nestled in my freezer door.

 Hurray! I found them!

Right, where they were supposed to be.

All I can say is ~wow~ and the fact now I'm aware that my husband would like fudge cycles!

Once again a good chuckle on me.

Then I remembered the time I left toilet paper in the freezer, keys, lost a couple of gas caps and that favorite leaving the drink on top of your car and driving away while a fellow motorist is frantically trying to wave you down!

You don't have to be a senior to have a senior moment, but it sure does help.

What's the wackiest senior moment you ever had?

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