Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How To Make Your Pinterest Work Socially For You #FixThePlus

Next month I will of been blogging for 1 full year. Like every other event of my life is the same question, "Where did time go"? I have focused on my different social medias on different days building up like minded people like myself.

I finally got my Pinterest board the way I want it although I'll never stop adding to my boards connecting my boards to the people I follow having grown to know these last few months.

So here is a list of my most important boards and boards that hold my interests as well. Take a look and see if your anywhere in my little corner of the Pinterest world.
You can get to my Pinterest boards on the right-hand side of this post on the sidebar.

Grandma Rose's Blogs

Beginners Blogging Tips and Tricks

Grandma Rose's Favorite Blogs

Quotes Are Forever

Stay Fit and Get Healthy

Explore The Different Walks Of Life

Take a little look if you can I know how busy the blogging world can be. Let me know what you think by commenting.

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