Friday, July 17, 2015

Reuse,Recycle,Create (Redo) #FixThePlus

I love to mess around with projects. Especially plastic bottles in all shapes and sizes. I love creating stuff which really appeals to my cheap nature aka recycling. And when it actually works...bonus!

I have been recycling a long time. I'm especially happy when what I create I can actually use.

I went into this "funk" for a while. I went completely bah humbug on just about everything and all things holiday which is so not like me. I didn't even decorate for Christmas or Halloween I was so depressed.

With this chronic pain thing going on, not working, my adult kids living so far away, the combination of all these things that were missing in my life brought me to my knees which I am not used to being a fighter.

Then in June, I was 'cleaning' my computer out of stuff I didn't use or remember using and came across Blogger. I had already decided to write  a book of my life for my new Grandson that is due September 10th. So as in all things I plunged right in and started blogging as well. 

How does this all tie together you ask? It has brought bringing me out of my funk where I may actually decorate this holiday season and now I have a reason and a place to put my creative ideas at. Weird the paths we that we end up taking  to get to a better place.

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