Friday, July 10, 2015

Now Where Did It Go? #FixThePlus *

I am positive everyone in this world has that 'safe place', the dryer that eats your one sock or the object just plain disappears. I saw a movie once where there was this huge room where everything that was lost showed up in this room.

Most of the objects were socks of course! I now have a banana box full of mismatched socks and another where they all match! That's because you don't wave a sale in front of me. Especially for cute little onesies socks for 1/2 off.

What has prompted this post is this. I made a blender full of my green smoothie.

I have four of those plastic molds to make smoothie cycles. Thanks for molding them in four's. If you lose one you lose them all. Then we have the tops; the plastic sticks. I am missing five of them in nice neon colors. Red, blue and yellow. Should stand right out right? Wrong!

So my husband who wears headphones to play games lifts one side to better hear me with for I'm bitching away about how in the world can I loose that many 'sticks' as I'm cutting up straws and sticking them in the molds.

I tell him as he is patiently listening to me that I'm going to get Popsicles and save the sticks. I go on to say I bet I'll never loose those to which my husband replies,"Make that fudge cycles hun...yum" and I laughed.

Humor is once restored. Who cares if you have to go old school to eat a homemade Popsicle...I sure don't!

What do you like for frozen treats?

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