Saturday, July 18, 2015

Its Just A Rash!!! #FixThePlus

Good, grief! As I'm typing this my skin is itching like crazy which wouldn't be so bad if this had been going on for the last few months while Doctors try what won't work. Can you tell I'm disgusted?

Now I know, which I have been informed by friends in their 50's and professionals that as we grow older our bodies change.

"Our skin is the largest organ of the integumentary". Thank you Wikipedia for the big word. I went to look up integumentary but then looking at that explanation I'll be looking up word after word all day.

It is funny typing all this I have forgotten all about my itchy leg!

Anyhoo, after 2 kinds of rash cream and rash is a word I loathe right up there with boil, I still got the darn rash.

I decide to play doctor.

I get on my laptop and type in "skin rash" and after some aka 25 minutes or so of poking around all kinds of medical sites, I find something that is similar to what is happening to my skin. Plus I got to skip lunch looking at all those pictures~ew~

So finally my doctor who only comes into town once a month, now are you getting the picture, finally concurs that a simple rash cream isn't going to work. He prescribes Clotrimazole Cream which I am supposed to put on 3 times a day and takes a skin biopsy.

I feel this tiny sting and thinking he's taking only a tiny bit of skin so I suck it up cupcake as the saying goes, he places a giant bandage on my now itchy and stinging skin.

At least it hasn't hit my tattoo which would have made me quite upset.

I get home and everyone is interested in seeing what he did because I'm such a good storyteller so I lift up one edge of the giant bandage and the tiny piece of skin for a biopsy was the size of a quarter!

I gasp out he should have taken it all.

Now I know it's just a rash but it's been driving me insane and in 2 or 3 weeks I should find out what the heck is causing this.

I envisioned wearing those mittens that little babies wear so you can't claw at yourself, but my nails are cut to the quick.

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