Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pain In My Neck Part 2

Part 2

For all who are interested here is my account of the 2nd neck injury that sealed the deal on my life of chronic pain.

This story is entwined with Domestic Abuse in all its glory. I guess I didn't like going half-way back in my day.

But I saw the good in this guy I was with and stuck it out way longer than I should of but reading tons of self-help books from the library helped me to understand that universal question...why?

I used to party like it was 1999. My friends & family loved to party, booze was very much a huge part of my life.

So needless to say if you ended up liking a guy he was a drinker and I seemed to pick the worse ones. But that was my life. A friend once told me, "you can't help who you love" she told me you have a huge heart and love with everything you got.

Here is part of that story at the end of a frustrating off and on 5 years.

It was a typical day.Rick had started drinking early that morning and decided to wake me up at 6 am demanding breakfast.

When he got to drinking and didn't sober up from the night before he got this whiny voice that grated on your nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

I had drunk the night before with friends and was in no good mood being jarred out of sleep so early.

In that whiney nasal drinking voice he whines,"Where I was staying I got breakfast every day". He kept poking and prodding...I had had no coffee as of yet, I snapped.

I stomped over to the refrigerator, grabbed the eggs and chucked them across the room saying," here's your eggs" then the same with the bacon. Last food item to go flying was frozen blueberries," and here's your dessert"!!!<<Only I cussed>>

I'm here to tell you that losing your temper can be quite messy. But that was the start of a very explosive day.

As the morning turned into the late afternoon I had finally had enough and all I wanted to do was get  away from a very drunk asshole who refused to leave me alone.

I almost made it out the door, but he was faster grabbing me pulling me back in and stumbling I fell over backward on the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms I feel his knee on my neck.

The guy was 5'11" weighed about 180lbs. I hear this loud tearing sound which was my neck and I'll never know why he listened to me cos I quietly murmured,"Rick,you're hurting me" and he lifted off me.

Needless to say I took off like a shot and I'm happy to say when I finally shook him loose for good he ended up going to prison for hurting another woman.

So now I have Degenerative Arthritis to the point where sometimes my neck feels like those spikes in Ben's neck in Falling Skies.

It was after that guy I decided to go solo for awhile which ended up for 2 years. I had to break that cycle of thinking I could help. There are just some people you can't and the best thing to do is get away.

If you have had this experience you understand. If you are in a relationship violent like mine, believe me, I know its hard but get away if you can.

If you need to talk about it leave a comment. You are not alone.
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