Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pain In My Neck #Part 1

The first injury to my neck I was 15 years of age. My family and I were camping in Glamis, Calif. 

I sure miss those days. There was a big canal we would go swimming in and I had learned to backflip. So of course new skill, I'm gonna nonchalantly show it off every chance I got.

The first couple of times I was okay. It was sunny and very very hot around 100 degrees or so. Bright blue sky and no clouds in sight. The water was cold and refreshing. I should have stopped diving into the water like a backwards dolphin but oh skill you see.

I'm standing on the edge. Between backwards diving, splashing around and trying to find a not muddy part of the steep bank, we kids had moved away from where we had started.

I stand there with my back to the water and casually do my back dive in slow motion I may add...yeah I'm proud of my old limberness and POW!!!I heard this loud boom coming out of my head as I crumble down on myself water swirling and bubbles everywhere. I had hit the canal's sandy ledge.

All I remember is seeing my Uncle Dan's arm and hand which I grabbed and he hauled me out of the water. He's telling my dad, Sheryl went over backwards then all I saw was her crumbling into a heap. Then he goes on he was going to dive in to save me but I popped up out of that water, eyes all wide, and I was clawing my way up that muddy bank. Survival of the fittest dolphin.

I sat there cross-legged on the bank side holding my head muttering I got a headache. Then mom came into the picture doing the mother freak out thing and we all rush to the Glamis ER. Aspirin anyone?

I came very close to dying that day, but I had almost broken my neck that day. That was the start of the chronic pain. I had no idea being the delightful storyteller that I am <<grins hugely>> this post would be this long so I'll do Part 2 later on the other neck injury that sealed the deal for that saying...your a"pain in my neck".
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