Friday, July 24, 2015

Breath In...Breath Out... How Not To Lose Your MInd #FixThePlus

Don't you just love when you bump into where you are sitting and the blog you are working on disappears?

Well, I do!!<<That should all be in caps.
I'm using Grammarly and just learned something new. From here on I'll type in notepad first, then copy and paste to Grammarly.

My husband sitting across from me starts the breath in...breath out...exercise which has saved this laptop from sprouting wings several times! But it works and I love him for that.

Right now he is troubleshooting our battery charger that is fairly new. It won't charge up and my camera is dead in the water.
I think I'm going to hyperventilate. 
 breath in...breath out...

Now I have totally forgotten what I was going to blog about. Now let's see...I took a nap...woke up 2 hours later...hubbie startles me because I went to bed alone and he moved (its dark in the bedroom)...I came out and started researching "blogging" in general. 

I learned all I was going to learn because reading is not really my thing
and you're a blogger you say?
Yes, I am but I have my limit of knowledge I can cram into my pea brain.

So I have made a post about "distractions". How bout that. When my camera is working properly again I will feel better and not be so distracted.
breath in...breath out...

What do you do to save your temper?

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