Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Love For Pitbulls

She was bouncing around with her tail wagging which got me in the face a couple of times! Meet this white female dog with a big brown spot over one eye and on her body. I really grew to love this dog. She was a big pain in the butt as far as hating all the other dogs of the world, but I loved her anyway. She certainly kept me on my toes! She wasn't mine, but I loved her like she was.

Oh boy, the day she had her puppies. A friend  was over visiting and there was a place in the closet for her. As she began to go into labor, he led her into the next room where the closet was. I'm sitting on the couch  all excited and here comes she comes in running with a puppy hanging out and she jumps on the couch with me. Ut-oh. I'm like “Crap”, what are you doing??! Quickly my friend and I mutually agree I should be in the bedroom by the closet so she will continue to birth her the closet...not in the air!

So one by one here they come. I think 8 in all but one was stillborn. I spotted this all black puppy and claimed it...Mine!!!

After a couple of months went by I ended up moving to this big roomy house. But disaster struck and all the puppies got very sick. The poor little dears had fevers and wouldn't stop crying and I didn't have the money to get them help so I did the best I could with what I had. Every day I would give all the puppies cool baths and I was  spoon feeding them raw eggs and cottage cheese. A little water. 

I had asked my biker friend's 12-year-old boy earlier what I should name my puppy and without missing a beat he replied, “Damion”. 

That puppy flu is a horrible disease and out of all those puppies I saved two or three of them, but Damion didn't make it poor little dear. My biker brother, dug a deep hole and when he dropped Damion in it, I heard an airy ~woof~ sound. 

I'm all excited thinking puppy is all right, but my bro explained it was just air releasing. I must have cried a million tears I was so sad. At the same time, I was proud of myself for saving some of them at least and we named this really goofy puppy Panhead. He once ate half an onion...had bad breath for a while lol!

The last I saw of Crystal  I  had to move and had to leave her with some people. That was a very sad day.

Have you ever lost a pet you loved?

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