Monday, July 20, 2015

Tidal Waves In A Dream Is Ok.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I'm a dreamer. In full color, I know I'm dreaming in my dream, I'm pretty sure I teleport...dreamer. 

I came across a picture on the internet where everywhere you go someone mentions that we are overdue for a huge earthquake. Scary times. Are we safe in Vermont? 
What about my family? I was born and raised in California. Will this be recorded on Google Earth? Before and after? What about Florida? I have family there as well and a new grandson on the way! Run and hide everyone!!

You could really freak yourself out about all this or...take a deep breath and tell yourself it's gonna be okay. Not much anyone can do about it aside from moving to Mars and talk about boring

Maybe go under the ocean. Big tsunami can't get you there or can it...hmmmm. I keep getting this picture of people running around yelling THE BIG ONES COMING but we will do nothing about it as they wring their hands and take another shot of whiskey lol So I say, hang on to your floats and pray.

This is where my dream comes in:
I'm in a rustic type ranch house apartment building on the 2nd floor. Running along the front is a enclosed porch. Looking out I can see other buildings off the Main Street and where the ocean was behind everything. 

As I'm looking over I watch as this gigantic tsunami is going by and it turns towards the apartment where I'm at. I think oh great and watch thinking how big and beautiful it looks and we're all gonna die, then I'm under water and I can breath. I think I turned into a Mermaid. I've always wanted to be a Mermaid.

Then I wake up.

What's your most re memorial dream?

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