Thursday, July 30, 2015


Definition of Head Start: A roomful of cute kiddos and toys. 

That's the first thing I thought of when I stood in front of the Head Start class looking at my daughter, Ariel, her first day.

As was the habit with both my kids I told the teachers about Ariel's pickiness with food. I then told the things she did like but told them it was okay to try and get her to eat something new.

I also told them about her demeanor explaining that with those big wide hazel eyes she took everything in, thought about it, then come up with the answer. She's not ignoring you I told them.

Then I left with her sitting in the back of the class looking around the room as was her fashion.

Well needless to say I didn't like being separated from either child so I asked to volunteer for chaperoning field trips.

I would come in a little early playing with some of the kids toys...I mean someone has to make sure everything is in working order. Then when the time came teachers, students and me would board the bus to our field trip. 

I remember raised hands wanting me to sit with some other child, but Ariel at 4 years old would declare she's MY mommy!

Two of the field trips was a lot of fun. We went to Smiling Hills Farm in Maine. 

I was assigned the "ruly" kids which were fine with me and we got to go on TWO hayrides and pet lots of animals. That farm was awesome.

The other field trip was a trip to Well's Beach, Maine. We got there and after slathering sunscreen all over everyone's bodies I sat down with Ariel and some other little kids and made sand castles. I miss the beach. 

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