Sunday, July 5, 2015

Who Stopped The rain...#FixThePlus *

I woke up to rain. I love that. The smell. The sound. Rain makes me feel cozy and warm. Like being wrapped up in Mother Nature's blanket.
I have a lot of good memories from the rain. From my childhood sitting in a pool with bubbles in it that the downpour was making. I must have been two or three.
Lightning and thunder with a good downpour are my favorite. I could have happily been a storm chaser. Now that would have been ideal.
I remember this one-time camping. It starting pouring and by pouring I mean we gotta build an ark! Everyone was scrambling around taking down their tents. I had a summer dress that quickly was soaked so having a bathing suit on underneath I took that heavy dress off. Weighed a ton!

More recently I got soaked to the bone walking over from seeing my
Doctor, it started to pour buckets of water. By the time, I slogged my way over to the hospital which only was a five min. walk, I needed a towel. Talk about soggy. The rough part was keeping my soaked clothes on.

So let it rain little raindrops...

Where do you like listening to the rain?

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