Sunday, July 5, 2015

Remembering Past 4th of Julys #FixThePlus *

Dear Barrett,

Hello, little one who's not born yet. If you hear loud cracking noises those are just fireworks hunnie. This will be your first 4th of July only your still all safe and warm in your mommy's belly:)
Portland, Maine Fireworks

Your Daddy and Aunt Ariel had many fun times in Sanford, Maine around #1 Pond where they would have a festival and a show on the water. Everyone from town would be there. Some years it would be cloudy and the fireworks would go up looking like flares and I would joke that it looked like we were sending up flares for help!

One 4th of July I got it in my head to go to as many 4th of July's I could get in. That year we must have gone to four or five of them never tiring of the fun.

Another 4th of July your Daddy had gone to see your Grandpa Couture for the summer so I just had your Aunt Ariel. This was in Portland, Maine. I had grown tired of several years in a row it being cloudy over #1 Pond and wanted to try somewhere new. 

We went out for lunch and brought the leftovers which were yummy seafood. We watched as people started coming in and I remember looking and seeing this friend named Brice and ran over to say hi. Aunt Ariel was keeping busy like she always did creating this awesome sand castle with rock, shells, and stones. 

We watched as the musicians sat up there instruments hearing, check 1 check 2 check.. check. We were getting excited about the beach was filling up, the band was playing and the men getting ready to set off the fireworks. It was dark now and the sky was clear; we couldn't wait! HaHa red flares this 4th of July!

Then disaster struck...

One firework went off...then another...then the grand finale went off...on the ground! Fireworks were shooting everywhere and as everyone watched in disbelief this went on for about 5 mins. We hear an announcement that there was an accident and everyone started leaving for their cars and going home.

Next day we heard the news that a firework had been dropped lit which sat off all the other fireworks and the guy setting them off had died. It's safe to say that  was the crappiest 4th of July ever!

How have you enjoyed your 4th of July?
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