Sunday, July 5, 2015

Here We Go Again! #FixThePlus *

I had to step away from my blogging for a short while. 

I told my husband I was feeling scattered  and unorganized. 

So he sat down next to me and he helped me to decide to combine all the blogs I had started into one Blog and just post on the one which made me feel a whole lot better! 

After all, I'm just starting out and sometimes I go for the big picture before I have even learned the steps to get the big picture! 

After all, this is supposed to be fun.

So I have taken each blog and broke the posts for each one and put the post on a notepad. 

My desktop is three rows deep but for tonight, I am going to finally relax and watch some HBO Mermaids.

 Giving my brain a break for the night!

Do you ever feel scatterbrained?
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