Thursday, July 23, 2015

I Wanted To Check Out. #FixThePlus

Today was an unplanned get out of the house and go grocery shopping day. Yah! 

It's not like we were all out of food per say. We were out of the good stuff. Everybody is different about what the good stuff is to them. All we had was the boring stuff. Same concept.

So mom called and she and dad were here lickity split which made us wonder if they had flown over!

White's Market (racist right)? but I discovered after asking that was the last name of a family ran business..oh..okay.

We go in and we all separate to our own way and I start getting my groceries, trying to not spend over $90 bypassing the free coffee for getting out faster.

Most of everything I wanted was on sale~hurray~and I'm thinking okay I got to be close to that $90 so I head for the checkout.

Well, I see an old friend from the Deli where I used to work so she comes over to give me a hug and we start catching up a little. I lose track of the ringing up of the groceries.

I glance over and see it has gone over a bit but no worries.

My friend and I wind up our chatty update so I can ring out and after adding what cash I had I was $1.40 off. Thinking to myself damn, I should have kept that $10 worth of quarters I took out of my change purse but you know how heavy that can get.

So looking at the Key Lime cake I tell the cashier take that off and we'll be good. Well, that didn't work because she didn't know how to make that transaction. Now they're two people waiting in line and you know how that feels.

I tell them maybe find another line?

So when the cashier behind us couldn't figure out how to void I thought to myself...time to take action.

So I hunted down mummy & daddy for $1.40 so that my groceries could be bought without waiting any longer.

The moral to this story aside from feeling like a kid asking for $1.40 is try not to lose your cool and someone should train these cashiers so they can actually go through with a transaction. 

So to make it all better, we had cake for lunch!

Have you ever held up a check-out line?
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