Friday, July 24, 2015

American Horror Story #FixThePlus

I am now officially caught up with American Horror Story. It's a perfect example of my personality to start something..then stop..wait...where did I leave off? Crap, gotta start over again which I tried with the Walking Dead but decided to, after sitting through season 1 & 2...again, I jumped up to season 4. Good enough I say.

Freak Show was the best Season yet. I stand in awe of the actors and how they can play so many different characters so well you forget who they were before.

At different parts of the show, I'm screaming inside my head "kill him, kill the little shithead" and my nice girl voice asks me if that's very nice to which I reply "kill him, kill the little shithead" . It's fun being evil or as Mike Myers in I Married An Ax Murderer said...E-vil.

I like what the freaks did to this one guy...yes I have already forgotten his name only remembering he died as a fairy killing, evil vampire in True the end...oh what do you care.

He was turned into this tiny all I can say is a thing with feathers with his own head and I'm still mad it was so blurry I couldn't truly see his suffering.

It made me wince to watch "Dandy" die by drowning, but I loved the way he was in a glass box so you could see everything. What spoiled it for me were the "tidy whities". ~Yuck~ The butt were even a little baggy.<<<gagging.

Catching up my horror shows and watching them up to date as a popcorn-munching, well I used to before dentures, okay so chip munching, horror/supernatural movie lover, I'm quite proud of myself

So I'm going to take a nap now then when I get up a nice night of zombie binge watching is on my agenda.
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