Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Memories #15

...continued from last Monday #14

We, my husband and I decided to move back to San Deigo ending up in Chula Vista moving into a huge complex that was filled with Navy personnel. My husband was supposed to be looking for a job ending up working at the harbor again.

I stayed home with Amy becoming great friends with a man named Tom who lived right across the stairway. I would put Amy down to sleep leaving both doors open so I could visit and still hear her. Bill was in the Navy getting hurt by steam hitting his leg and was waiting for his settlement.

My husband seemed to have trouble getting a job and after a week or two of this, I decided I was going to go out to look for work. I started down the Main Avenue going in and out of each store until I went into Bob's Big Boy, applied being hired on the spot as a Hostess.

I was overjoyed for I have always enjoyed working especially with people taking to the job seating guests as tables emptied. I had a sitter for baby Amy who was around nine months old, who knows what my husband was doing.

Then one day he didn't come home. No big deal I had Tom to keep me company. The day stretched into two weeks with my paycheck keeping all the bills paid. I didn't eat during the day saving what little I had extra after bills to feed Amy so the cooks would bring me 'mistakes', meals that were made wrong you could eat them. I knew they were doing it on purpose.

One day I was working, one of the waitresses told me I had a visitor. As I went up to the lobby it was my old Captain that I had worked for the summer before. He had tracked me down to let me know that my husband was found playing captain and had been caught. I just stood there a little shocked. I thanked him and when I got home I called my parents.

I talked to my manager who let me transfer to the Bob's Big Boy back home waiting for my parents to come get me and Amy, we were going home...

I will continue my story next Monday Memories...

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