Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Memories # 14 (My Marriage By Rebound)

Thank-you all so kindly for welcoming me back, also being patient and understanding. I'm realizing that before I moved I was getting myself frazzled by fretting too much on all the wrong subjects. It's like I always do, try and cram all the knowledge into my brain until it explodes! Now I'm a lot calmer and plan on just getting my posts out there, whatever happens, will just have to happen at its own pace.

I was now six days overdue from my due date. My mother took matters into her own hands taking me for a very bumpy ride in our Volkswagon which I laughed the whole time. 

Later on, after she dropped me off at home I felt that first cramp go searing through my body. My water didn't break instead my mucus plug came out,(sorry to gross you out) so I called my mom telling her it was 'that time.' When my mother arrived I had taken a shower and she was like, "You could have had that baby in the shower" which I replied but I didn't and off we sped to the hospital.

It was important to me to have my baby natural, no drugs. Eighteen hours later I was exhausted, my husband couldn't take the pain I was in and had left the birthing room, I had dilated to a four and stayed there. You're supposed to dilate to  a ten. The last thing I heard was my doctor saying she needs a C-section.

I was woken by my nurse telling me I had a baby girl to which I replied, "No I didn't" I was so groggy until my brand new baby girl was laid on my chest. My love for this tiny being totally consumed me as I gazed into her little face. I was a mother.

Little did I know I would only have four years with her. 

I'm going to end with that for my heart hurts a lot at the moment. I will pick up the story next Monday. Until then stay safe where ever you are.

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