Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursdays Are For Trivia #FixThePlus

Welcome to Thursdays Are For Trivia. I enjoy learning little bits of information and like all things I like sharing it with you. Please enjoy today's question.

When Ronald Reagan ran for Governor of California in 1966, he began eating Jelly Beans as part of his attempt to give up pipe smoking. The Herman Goelitz Candy Company would send monthly shipments of Jelly Beans to the Governor’s Office throughout Reagan’s two terms in Sacramento. Three and a half tons of red, white, and blue Jelly Belly jelly beans were shipped to Washington, DC for the 1981 Inaugural festivities. The company provided the Reagan White House with Jelly Belly jelly beans for all eight years of Reagan’s presidency. In February 1981, the company received official Government authorization to develop a Jelly Belly jelly bean jar with the Presidential Seal on it. These Presidential jars of Jelly Belly beans, each in its own blue gift box, were given by Reagan to heads of state, diplomats, and other White House guests.

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