Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Memories #13 #FixThePlus

Continuing from last Memory Monday...

I was having a blast working on my boat then I became pregnant. Up until that morning, I was never sick. Well, I was now. I had woke up on one of our overnight trips ready to start cooking starting with the bacon and oh boy, my stomach rolled completely over causing me to run for the railing.

After that, I was fine working until the end of that summer then moved back home while I was pregnant. I was starting over again renting a studio apt. in Cathedral City, California.

My big thing was going over to Thrifty's where there was a small ice cream vendor with those big tubs of ice cream which I would have four different kinds of ice cream to make baby happy, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I was becoming disenchanted with my husband, though. I was finding out he was what was called a Chronic Liar. He was shifty, lazy and a liar. That was the biggest thing, the lying. If you have someone like this in your life, best to get rid of them.

My mother was making one of her visits. This particular time let's see, I was around eight months. Mom comes in and despite my telling her that I was fine she went to the refrigerator to get some ice. That's about all there was besides a package of luncheon meat. Next thing I knew we were going grocery shopping with my mother muttering the whole time. It's kinda funny now.

After we made sandwiches she finally dropped some news on me. It was about my husband. She had seen him over at Jack-In-The-Box eating lunch with a co-worker. I was stunned not wanting to believe that. Of course, when he got home later he denied it all. I let it drop because no one really wants to think that the father of your baby would do such a thing.

That job he had was detailing cars which lasted about a week. He came home one day telling me he had a new job at J.C. Pennys as a stock person. I was over come with pride and happiness.  He was finally telling me the truth. Until my mother came over and my world was about to become shattered once again.

So mom comes over asking where my husband was? I told her at work of course. He had been leaving every day at the same time, coming home at the same time for around a week now. She didn't want to tell me but she did anyways, he wasn't working at  J.C. Pennys as a stock person. I didn't believe her and got really angry thinking my mom didn't like my husband and why was she picking on him for?

So she switched gears, said it was her mistake and that she had the best idea, how about she took me and Don out for lunch? I was excited and we went over to the Palm Springs Mall going into Pennys to where the layaway dept. was and asked for my husband. Needless to say, he wasn't there and when I showed the man a picture of him he remembered Don had gone in one day and that was it.

I blew a fuse. Mom brought me back home and I waited. When that door opened I was right there, drew back and slapped the crap out of him yelling and cussing how could you lie to me like that? He tried to get out of it but I called mom, she came back to get me where I stayed for a few days to cool off. When he came to see me I forgave him once again and left with him

Now as you have read a man doesn't have to hit you but messing with your mind is a whole lot crueler. Maybe I was extra sensitive to lying for I was very blunt and didn't lie as a rule. Not to mention I was trying to make the best out of a rebound situation...until next Memory Monday take care of yourself.

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