Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Am Finally Going To have My Say #FixThePlus

Yesterday I promised my daughter I would call her so today I did. I'm the type that balks at calling for reasons unknown to me except maybe I seem to always be two or three steps behind what I want to accomplish. Slow down for a phone call? Pleaseeee

On the other hand, when I connect with the person I'm calling it's so good to hear their voice, in this case, my daughters. Now I know today is Trivia Thursday but as I was catching up on my G+ #FixThePlus!!! Or take it away but anyhoo I thought to myself. This is my blog I can do what I want!

While I was talking to Ariel about the recent world's events which have been shockingly bad with the shooting in Orlando, that poor young girl singer, Christina Grimme and the poor little 2-year-old little boy getting murdered by a gator, what the hell!?

We also touched on the subject of who may end up the president and while we were talking I thought to myself how mature my daughter had gotten discussing world events together so I told her how much I admired all she had done and accomplished. The problem...she and practically one-half of my family lives in Florida, just not in Orlando.

I then filled her in on the subject of our moving sometime in July, my disability claim and my health, in general, finding out what I am used to I realized she was not used to it at all, my first instinct is to try and shield my kids from worrying about me.

After the phone call, I talked to Mr. Rose about it and we both came to the conclusion it's better they know then leave both kids in the dark. We did have a laugh together, it wasn't all doom and gloom. We are moving to a 2-bedroom apt. and will be getting furniture as we go so I told her you can visit but you will have to bring your own beds! We both said air mattresses at the same time!

I don't know what's going on as far as all the havoc and I can only pray it won't happen again or to anyone I love and know. Please, all I want is peace, love and a tolerance for whoever it may concern.

Wouldn't world peace be nice?

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