Friday, June 17, 2016

Frugal Friday #6 #FixThePlus #Follow Friday

Welcome to Frugal Friday. Today I'm going to talk about growing your own food indoors. I love to save money and I'm a bonified cheapskate and if I could I would be right there when the grocery stores want to get rid of their surplus or expired food stuff.

My local market is doing a pretty good job marking down their produce which I take advantage of. Bananas, potatoes, different fruits that I use when marked down I buy right up.

The most fun you can have is growing your own fresh fruit and vegetables. And it's easier than you think! I grew up with my mother sticking toothpicks into either a potato (has to have eyes) or avacado placing them in a glass in our windowsill. My father loved green grapes planting a vine outdoors which the birds loved to eat.

Let us grow some herbs. Some of the easiest herbs to grow are Chives, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Mint, and Thyme. It's a wonderful thing to watch these herbs grow and use, plus it smells so good.

Growing Herbs

When you pick container for your plant's size does matter so choose wisely. If the pot is too small the roots could become rootbound, to big and the plants will use all their energy on their roots.

You must have a sunny south window with at least 8 hours of sun. If you don't have a place like that you can use fluorescent bulbs. Two 40-watt bulbs will do.

Make sure your herbs are all placed together and misted regularly. They love the humidity. When my plants get going well when I wash out a ziplock bag (told ya, I'm cheap) I will place over a plant to dry. They seem to thrive and love it.

I have a problem with dryness in my living space so filling a small bowl with pebbles and water will help. I fill up a kettle of water and set it on the stove sometimes when it gets too dry.

Using kitchen scraps that you would normally throw away like Eggshells. You can save your dried out egg shells putting them in the blender to make them powdered sprinkling over the top of the soil before watering. Not too much at once, you can always add more.

I also found that plants love Pasta water (without the oil) after boiling pasta noodles drain into a container letting it cool off before adding.

Stale or used Coffee grounds plants seem to love. Just sprinkle a little on top and water. The plants will take right to it.

If you don't want to go through all that looking for the easier way to fertilize just go out and purchase  Jobe's 5001T Houseplant Indoor Fertilizer Food Spikes, 50 Pack from Amazon and no I don't get paid to mention this at all. These are nice and easy, you can buy fertilizer sticks anywhere. I have seen them sold at Family Dollar for cheap!

Lastly, Watering, be careful not to over water for that will drown the roots. Touch the top of the soil, if dry, water as needed and have a spray bottle handy for plants love the misting.

Next week I will explore with you on the making an indoor garden container for free.

Good luck with your indoor herb garden!

Have you ever grown an indoor garden?

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