Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Television Tuesdays #FixThePlus

Welcome to the start of Television Tuesdays. Here you can find a show or shows that I have watched and felt worthy of sharing. I have chosen Couchtuner as my go to the online website, it has been really reliable.
I'm so happy I can still watch SyFy loving every show they air. No commercials are the best perk watching online and wonderful for season bingeing.

12 Monkeys

The Cast

Compliments of Huffington Post

T.V. Trivia I Found That You May Not Know

1. Which of these popular culture-clash reality TV series was NOT a hit on cable this year?

a. "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" 
b. "Breaking Amish: L.A." 
c. "Amish Mafia" 
d. "Amish in the City"

scroll down for the answer

1. "Amish in the City" ran on the now-defunct UPN in 2004, ahead of TV's current Amish fascination.

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