Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Enjoy The First Bar-b-cue Of The Year

Everyone knows that familiar delightful smell, someone's barbecuing! Oh boy.

It's a nice slightly warm day, sitting out in the sun can get you really warmed up, sitting in the shade is a little cooler under the tent awning you have used for years.

I love cold pasta and potato salads. Hamburgers, hotdogs, maybe chicken go well together.

That's what Mr. Rose and I did this last Sunday. I would have posted Sunday but I was too full and tired out from good food, good company, my In-Laws and mountain fresh air.

I love it out in Marshville. In fact, that's the town my husband and I got married in. It's a mixture of mountain, country type setting.

One time there was actually a cow in the road with a police officer calling it like you would a horse, it was funny.

We stayed all day having hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken all grilled to perfection. I made a dump cake which came out nice and gooey.

A couple who lived down the road a piece dropped in and were invited to stay so, all in all, it was a long beautiful day and I can't wait to do it again.

Have you had a barbecue yet?
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