Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Have A Problem, Maybe You Can Help:)

I have a problem. I have taken to making notes about what I would like to post about. I have made a To-Do list as well. I'm pretty sure I am the baby of this blogging world with eight months in. (The neatest thing happened. I was looking at my views on my way to tweaking my blog and saw 7900 views. I looked up telling my husband this. He called up my blog reading my post and right before my very eyes the numbers changed to 8000).

Anyways I will write down my thought for a post on my little notepad next to my laptop. It's a lot faster than the two whole minutes calling up my on-line list! Here is the problem. I have more ideas than I do days. What would you suggest for I don't want to overwhelm myself and run down the street yelling too many ideas!!

Here is my To-Do List

1. Gather up my story.
I have started my stories of my life and the pages are scattered to the four corners of the web. Well, maybe not that far but the pages are here and there. I have already started putting the pages I have found in one folder. The goal is for my grandchildren to have a record of my life.

2. Sort Out Pinterest
I have I think thirty boards and somewhere along the line my pins need to be transferred to the correct board. I worked on that yesterday completing one board. Twenty-nine to go.

3. Photos
I once tried putting a search from the start menu for photos and my desktop screen disappeared with thousands of photos covering it in an effort to get them all in one place. These photos are of course a story in themselves which I could use for my blog. I have had Photobucket for years now, leaving it to be covered in cyber dust. In coming back it looks like my brain, scattered.

4. Memories for Posts
Being fifty-seven I have had the most amazing memories that I want to post about. The helping part of me. Again, where do I start? Maybe a name change which I have no idea how to do that.

5. Teaching Myself Blogging
I have bookmarked a list of reading material to elevate my understanding of blogging. I stopped bookmarking, for now, I have to go back and read them.

6. The Fun Stuff
I want to learn about the fun side of blogging. The pictures you can do yourself, etc.

7. Housework
I went into my bedroom to get a cooler dress on. It has become very warm this afternoon. While I was in the bedroom I made the bed, went and got an old sock to dust with. Back pain kicked in and I'm now sitting down.

So bring on the ideas and what thoughts makes your world go 'round.

100 Exquisite Adjectives by Mark Nichol

I love learning new words or being reintroduced to one. I ran across a list of them and will add a word a day.

Word#39 Histrionic: affected, theatrical

In a sentence: Whenever the spoiled toddler does not get her way, she begins to yell in a histrionic manner.
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