Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thinking Back Tuesdays Story Time #1

I started writing my story at the urging of my kids, several years ago. Personally I think they wore weary of all my stories, just kidding kids! I would think about it a lot finally putting pen to paper fingers to keyboard when my first grandchild was born. You are my motivation dear one. I never knew I could love anyone else as much as my own children for which there is none like a mother's love which is where the term "I love you to the moon and back" comes from. I have made mistakes, moved mountains, motivated by my children, raising them to be strong, independent people, and to be better off than I was. I wasn't prepared for Empty Nest Syndrome which hit me hard when my son spread his wings and flew off to the military.You would of thought the sting of separation would of been lessened, he had been going to Florida to see his father and his wonderful now wife since he was five or six. I remember that was the very first time I had ever sat foot in a commercial airline, my son looking so tiny in the seat. That was the day my heart broke, just a little. I think the oceans are really made of all the mother's in the world's tears.
The stewardess assured me he would be watched over all the way there and I managed to hold back my tears until I stepped off the plane watching it fly my little son away from me. Hours later I got the expected phone call that all was well, I could finally relax.
Now when my daughter grew up and decided she wanted adventure I gave her my blessing, smiling and waving good-bye, I wished her well breathing a sigh of relief that she had the strength to leave the go nowhere town we lived in, closed the door and cried, my heart breaking a little more.
I am lucky that despite all the miles and years that go by we are deeply, completely bound to each other staying in touch through Skype, Facebook, phone calls, letters and cards and visits. Also talking to everyone I know I have drawn comfort that I am not alone in missing my children. I started this story while you were still in your mommy's belly. You were early, you little early bird! Grandma loves you already.
So without further ado here is Grandma Rose's story, my gift to you. Oh yes, You have a little brother coming and we all are going to have a wonderful time!

                                         GRANDMA ROSE'S ADVENTURES

Hello, little one and by little one I'm talking to you while you are still in your Mommy's belly.I already have an idea of what you will look like from your sonogram. Your parents are really looking forward to meeting you and so is everyone else.

Your name has changed a couple of times, but that’s just normal and what parents do. Your Aunt Amy who is my oldest daughter was born June 21st, 1980 in Palm Springs, California where I was raised. I wanted to name her “Summer” and it just happens that “Summer Begins” is June 21st which I think would have been too cool but at my mother's insistent nagging, I ended up naming her Amy and I think now it may be Cindy but hang on...I'm getting ahead of myself! You will read about Aunt Amy later.

How Grandpa C. and I got your daddy's name was we made a deal. Grandpa C. was in charge of the first names, I was in charge of the middle name. After you were born, I chose to name your father after my grandpa who is with the angels now. It's a nice strong name.

I asked your mommy on Facebook how she got her name and she told me, “My mom just liked the name”. “My middle name is my mom and dads middle name together”.

Now your Aunt Ariel came by her name from the Movie The Little Mermaid. I loved the spelling, not to mention the movie, which me and your daddy watch at least a million  hundred times, and her middle name Chelsie was a name I really liked from a man who's daughter was named, thinking it sounded like a song. I love the way your Auntie's whole name sounds like singing.

Okay, kiddo Grandma's Adventures is about to begin... Stay tuned for the next installment of  GRANDMA ROSE'S ADVENTURES next Tuesday's Thinking Back Tuesdays Story Time.

I really really want everyone's input and I have a thick skin and am willing to learn so please comment what you all think!
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