Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Avoid Dangerous Freezers

Isn't my freezer pretty?

How in the world could a freezer hurt someone you ask? Why would you post something so random?The answer, I have a tendency to take pictures of what I find interesting and hopefully someone else will too. This random picture taking often gets shoved to the side becoming old news because I'm always coming across something new and exciting, at least to me leaving those random pictures that I'm sure you would be so excited to see lost in cyberspace.

Staying home a lot nowadays leaves me time to think of great ways to make my life easier with my often ignored aches and pains. One of those things is my freezer. I can not break the habit of buying in bulk say a chicken package, breaking it up into smaller portions, separating them into my emptied out bread bags to place them in my freezer, which is smaller by the way. This unit is meant to be for a single occupant. The chicken packages are all shaped oddly thus not very stackable.

I don't know how many times I have had to throw myself up against my freezer when opening the door with frozen, lumpy, packages of chicken would come sliding out at an amazing rate of speed causing me to think of that phrase, 'Colder then a Witches Tit' causing just a wee bit of discomfort.

Or not being real awake being first time in the morning taking out a frozen meat product not catching the one hundred mile an hour frozen solid piece of meat hurtling your way and A. having it land on the top of your foot or B. hitting the floor with the sound of thunder visualizing my little old landlady grasping her heart yelling the big ones coming! Sorry down there.

The solution was easily solved. I got a box, put it in my freezer putting all the separated chicken into it. My feet and the landlady are safe now and other delicate parts of my body.

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