Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2 Bags of Laundry and a Package

It's that time again. I'm heading for the laundry mat with my Father-In-Law. I love the fact at the laundry mat you can do all your laundry at once but I still miss having a washing machine at home.

It is in the single digits this morning. Mother Nature must have finally woke up and sneezed snow and cold all over us. The apartment is chilly; with the oven turned on to take the chill off. I'm going grocery shopping; I have a craving for Pot Pies.

Mr. Rose has caught his 'man cold'; I told him no kissing reminding him 'behind every good man is a woman rolling her eyes'. He thought when I was getting sick that it was sinus related. I wish.

The Electric company is going to get their share this morning. They finally found October's payment which they had cashed the money order we had sent them. It was one of those I don't need this crap moments. Cable will be next which will result in them trying to lure us back in with those 'what a deal' envelopes. I said no you tree-wasting morons.

Grocery shopping is in the mix at the local grocery store aka as my social life.
I'm excited to be sending off my grandson's package today. In the taking, out and repacking the box I look at the table and staring at me (yes knitted booties have eyes) was the little-knitted booties. They are now taped with duck tape to the top of the package. No way I was undoing everything to get them inside. It'll be interesting to see how they do making it up to Florida or is it down? Makes me think of that troll that travels the world.

My Christmas decorations are all packed in one box, this time, around. I'm so proud of myself. Our tree is still up, though. I love the Christmas lights. Don't judge me. The neighbor across the street still have their outside lights up although I would leave them on year round; they look like ice cycles.

Rite-Aid and Family Dollar will get a visit finishing up my list of chores.
Then I get to haul everything up a flight of stairs and collapse.

Chores are so much fun; I'm lieing. Do you like doing chores? I know silly question. I love stories so do tell.
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