Monday, December 14, 2015

Trying To Learn Trending, Hash-tags and Blogging

 Trending, Hash-tags, Blogging. What do all of these words have in common I ask. Three words I'm in a new world of. The world of blogging, treading and what the heck is a hash-tag? My husband has explained but I've never put it to use. 

I'm learning all three so I must like it and like all new things I wish I could of started a long time ago but that wouldn't of given me my other adventures which reminds me to write some of my book.

wish I could split myself into three Grandma Roses. One to sit here and do my computer stuff. Another one to do my regular chores. Three to do the extra stuff meaning right now I'm in the middle of sorting my plastic bags.

I look down at the pile of bread plastic bags I have so many of them if I had some children, puppies or kittens they would all have a grand time because its a pretty big pile. We ate all that bread? But that’s another post when I'm done sorting.

So back to trending and hash-tags. I saw a program I don't remember which one about hash-tag tattoos. Some where getting the symbol on their neck. If I were to get a symbol it would be the initials' WTF' in big block letters on my back.

Christmas is coming my little dearies. For some it's harder than others. I have wonderful memories from Christmas past with friends and my little family. It's super cool to see my adult children have theirs. #Christmas memories <don't know if I did that right or not but ask me if I care ho ho ho.
What are you learning that is new to you? I love stories so do tell.

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