Thursday, December 10, 2015

15 Days 'Till Christmas

Here we are with me sitting at my desktop gazing at my pretty lit up tree letting my mind relax and wander as my past, present and future are playing nicely with each other over in the cornfield. Where did that come from you ask, Cornfield? Children of the Corn, what a scary movie. I either relate subjects to movies I've watched or music, two subjects that are very close to my heart, always been and always will be. 

I read a few of my favorite blogs, which are on one of my Pinterest boards, which got me to thinking about my own Grandma Rose writings and what I started out thinking I was going to blog about to what kind of blogging I'm falling into now. At first, I wanted to share my memories with the world or rather whoever came across my blog and that’s it. That kind of thinking came from the book I have been writing for the last I'll conservatively offer at least 6 years or so. I have made it to my twenty’s in that book and at first, it was an unpleasant feeling some of those memories so I would stop then start up again getting rewarded with happier memories.

Since that book, I started another book about my time working at a carnival. It will be fiction. To tally it all up, I have 2 books going, emails, blog posting, Pinterest, G+, Blog reading, and let's not forget Facebook where all my other on-line friends and family since 2000 are. When I first got my computer I was so thrilled to start meeting people I would never have a chance to know. My first thing to do was being a pen-pal and I still have friends from that time. Amazing right?

I'm a 'that grass is greener over that fence, I know it is' kinda woman. Half the fun is getting over that fence. When I do get over sometimes it's greener, sometimes it's not. Such is life. I finally found my 'green pasture' in the form of being married to a great guy, having two great adult children,( I have a third, my first born, but her whereabouts are still a mystery, family, and friends that love me. And one fairly new grandson. He is almost four-month-old and even if I belong to 'Sad Grandmother's Across America', S.G.A.A. (This is not a real place) I felt part of that sadness slip away left with a better feeling. FINALLY.

So I am up with my giant cup of coffee and put a photo into our family online photo album of little Barrett. That's all caught up. It's my daily go-to place when I want a smile. Actually several times a day. Last night I started a secret board of little Barrett. His mother wishes for her baby son not to be splashed all over the web, so I honor her wishes. I LOVE it. They are the same pictures as Tinybeans only bigger. I worked on that for about forty-five mins.

I also went through all fifty-odd something emails which took me around off and on all afternoon into the evening taking me, at least, three or four hours. Being in this chair for that long doing all this on-line activity, not to mention getting up for the nurse coming in, eating and binge watching Arrow on Netflix, I wondered to myself, how in the world does someone who's a blogger, has a small store or BOTH handle it all? Right now I'm concentrating on Pinterest and I'm pretty proud of it so please take a look and tell me what you think. The button is on the right-hand side of this post.

So I reminded myself and I think I said it out loud to Mr. Rose, I am just going to go with the flow and hope it all works itself out which so far in life I've been lucky that way. Have a great day or night wherever you're at.

How do you organize your daily on-line activities? I love stories so do tell.
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