Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just when we thought it was over...

We got back from the Dartmouth hospital last nite. In another 45 mins. husband's nurse will be here. I had to check the day...yup it IS Saturday. No rest for the helpful people aka nurses.

This hospital is so huge it would put some of those big malls out in California to shame. I heard that the floors used to have colored arrows taking you where you had to go, but I guess everyone was looking down and kept bumping into each other. That's why bars have their arrows going towards the bathrooms on the walls.

We all get there for you know this is a "family excursion" (we are getting out of town yeah) and I find myself following our nurse for we share everything to the prep room. I have had oh around 2 hours of sleep because lately I've been keeping vampire time so my morning was pretty much on autopilot.

When the nurse asked if we needed anything I tried for a hammock but settled for the warmed up blanket instead clutching my long sparkly pillow I dragged with me. Now we are watching for the woman who does Reiki. She comes every Friday and sure enough she goes by. Then she comes back and is as delighted to see us as we are to see her.

She dims the lights and begins her magic. When the nurse gets back in the room husband's IV goes right in the "first" time. Husband has Superman skin so more often then not its poke, poke, poke while his veins play hide and seek.

For some reason, I'm more alert but not by much. This was the 2nd day of my on again off again insomnia. Finally after around 2 hours he's finally wheeled in for his much-anticipated skin graft we all have been looking forward too.

Meanwhile, it's dinner time so my mother in law and I make our way (where's an arrow when you need one?) to where they sell food and a much-needed coffee. On the way back the timer goes off that lets you know the patient is done and continues to beep, beep, beep. We are only halfway back (no arrows to follow damn it) not to mention a lack of sleep and a full belly was making me looking around for that hammock, I threaten to throw that "hockey putt" out the window. As I'm setting down the two coffee's I was carrying my mother-in-law has already fished said beeping "hockey putt" and wisely turned it off.

We get up to the waiting room and find out that the much-anticipated skin graft we all have been looking forward too was a bust. He has a 6-inch canal-woven underneath his skin that was and is very infected. So now as I type a nurse is packing the area and if all goes well after the 29th when he sees his surgeon we'll get to do this all over again. 
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